Onboard in Minutes

The Toucan AI Sales Bot for Shopify is powered by real AI, and it draws heavily from existing conversational datasets and interactions with businesses and customers like yours. That means it’s ready to work, from the get-go, with what you already have in your possession—your own product catalog. It’s what allows Toucan to be up and running in under 5 minutes to answer questions, generate sales, and actually make you money.

Toucan is even easier to install and start running than Shopify is.

Having a conversational agent is like having a salesperson on the floor of a brick-and-mortar store, ready to greet and guide customers. We think our standard greeting is good, but you can do even better by personalizing how Toucan will welcome every visitor to your site:

Toucan's Greeting Page
Toucan's Greeting Page 2

Of course, you can also adjust the placement, colors, and logo to reflect your brand.

Brilliant K9's Chat Window

Brilliant K9’s Review

AI learns and improves over time, and so does our company. We’ve been working to make Toucan AI Sales Bot even more powerful and easier to use, from setup to sales conversions. And we’re always ready to help if you have any problems or want to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits of Toucan. We’ll focus on some of the other options you can configure in later blogposts.

Toucan's Setup Complete

Supporting small businesses is the foundation of our company’s culture and values. We know that things are still difficult and unpredictable, so we’re extending our 100% free period: Whether you’re new to Toucan AI Sales Bot or not, we’re not charging any Shopify merchants to use our full-powered version until June 5.


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