Customize Your Agent to Fit Your Needs

We didn’t want to make an AI product that needs an expert to set up. That’s why our team of AI engineers designed Toucan to require minimal customization. It can be up and running in under 5 minutes to welcome every shopper, generate sales, and start learning with every interaction so that it can automate improvement.

But what if you want more control? If you want a conversational agent that immediately presents the image and voice of your business, you can easily make as many or as few changes as you like so that your chatbot fits your own brand.

Bot Customization Page

We’ve added a feature that walks you through the customization process and previews the look and feel of the changes you choose before they’re implemented.

Appearance Option

You don’t have to choose between “one size fits some” and the heavy investment of time and money for tailored specialization in most chatbots. Install our free Toucan AI Sales Bot now to get sales support right away. Our supercharged machine learning algorithms make the Toucan AI Sales Bot improve its performance and optimize your sales faster than anything else on the market. And our new customization tools will help you make your agent the perfect representation of how you want to showcase your brand to the world.


  • Arjun