15 Weeks and a 25% Boost in Average Cart Value

Since the week of Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer 2020, our Shopify clients have seen their average shopping cart value increase by 25% using Toucan AI’s always-on, AI-powered, concierge Sales Bot.

We built Toucan AI to use high-quality datasets of the whole English language, so it’s ready to go from download to deployment in less than 5 minutes, with just a few clicks. No scripting or “training” required.

We know that today’s e-commerce shoppers will shop whenever they choose. Whether it’s during their lunch hour or in the middle of the night, consumers expect your store’s hours to be whenever they’re ready to buy. That’s why we made sure Toucan AI gives them instant product recommendations and answers, instead of connecting to a “live agent” or, even worse, just leaving a message that you might miss.

We think our shopping concierge’s standard greeting text and appearance fit smoothly with most e-commerce sites, but you know your business and brand better than we do, so we designed Toucan AI to be easily customizable.

And because we know that every business wants to know more about their customers, Toucan AI turns raw data from visitor behavior into meaningful, actionable insights, so that you can keep improving.

We all know that this has been an unprecedented summer, from the pandemic to politics and beyond. I hope that, despite it all, summer 2020 has been good for you and yours, and that you’re looking forward to good things, at home and at work.

I won’t be in the office on Labor Day. But Toucan AI Sales Bot will be ready to sell to, engage, and learn from your customers, to help you do more business. And it can be your newest tool starting just 5 minutes from now, in plenty of time for the holiday weekend.

See us in action, give us a try, or let me know if you’re ready to talk about our enterprise solution.


  • Arjun