Analytics, Intuitively

What do your customers want? Machine learning can’t read shoppers’ minds, but the Toucan AI Sales Bot automatically tracks, extracts, and compiles a wide variety of dimensions of shopper data. This is one of the ways that our automated sales agent can scale when human staff can’t: Toucan greets every visitor to your Shopify store, accurately records every question and interaction, and provides you with shopper insights in an attractive, intuitive presentation.

For example, let’s say that you’re an e-commerce merchant with a large store that sells many categories of wearable products, and that this week, you’re offering a sale on a particular smart watch. You tell Toucan to start promoting that sale, and some of your site visitors click on that product recommendation when Toucan suggests it (when a shopper clicks on a recommendation like that, we call it a “Boost”). Let’s say some of those customers go on to buy the watches. Naturally, you’ll see those visits to the product page, and which ones converted to purchases in the Toucan AI dashboard within Shopify.

Toucan Dashboard Boosts

Now, let’s say you own a store that sells dog harnesses for every possible breed. A word cloud is an easy way to instantly see the truly frequently asked questions, the products your shoppers look for, and the things they really mean when they search your site. It helps you understand immediately, at a glance, what your shoppers care about the most, way faster than carefully reading through every cell of a spreadsheet.

Toucan Dashboard Word Cloud

In this example, you’d realize you need to focus more on larger and smaller dogs in your social media posts, and that it’s time to run a promotion for your line of chihuahua harnesses. It’ll help make sure you don’t leave out your most valuable customers when it’s time for a remarketing campaign.

Toucan AI Sales Bot analytics intuitively help you see other kinds of customer data as well, including preferences, and we’re developing additional features to help you identify and reach your higher-value customers, and potential purchasers, quickly and easily.

We know that not every business grows at the same rate or speed, so we’re committed to making sure that Toucan AI Sales Bot delivers value for every subscriber. Try our free plan and, as your business grows, and you’re ready for more robust data, we’ll be ready to grow with you. Toucan’s free plan delivers 15 Boosts (that’s 15 clicks by customers on products recommended by the bot) per month, past analytics reports, and customizable FAQs. Whenever you start seeing growth, you can upgrade to a paid plan that offers more Boosts, more customization, and more analytics.


  • Arjun