Adaptability Is Always Intelligent

A national emergency as serious as this pandemic affects every part of our lives, at home and at work. In online shopping, supermarkets like Ocado and Sainsbury’s are being forced to pause operations or turn away new customers because their websites, staff, or supply chains can’t keep up with surging demand, and even the Amazon/Whole Foods empire has growing backlogs in appliances and groceries.

Comparing the coronavirus disruption to the temporary crisis of a hurricane, Phil Lempert, editor of, recently said, “We’re talking about months here. I’m not sure that our infrastructure, both in the food world and psychologically, is ready for that.”

Even the largest organizations are threatened by uncertainty and change. For an SMB, a couple months of unpredictable consumer behavior might change everything. In order to survive and thrive, adaptability is more important to business than ever.

“Traditional” conversational agents, or chatbots, depend on scripts that account for every customer question and interaction a business can think of. They’ve been productive for the large companies that can spare the money and time to write those scripts and get those bots “trained” and running. But it’s impossible to anticipate every situation and write every possible response for them.

The Toucan AI Sales Bot doesn’t need that kind of scripting and training, because we built it with genuine AI that has been pre-trained on massive, quality datasets of the English language, which already exist online. More simply put: in uncertain times, with new forms of behavior, customers might be asking new questions, but they’re still using English to ask their questions and make their purchasing decisions.

The Toucan AI Sales Bot is pre-trained on the English language and is primed to learn and adapt to new behavior, searches, and questions. Companies don’t need to provide us with a lot of data—we can work with what they already have. The product catalog already available on their site is enough.

Instead of requiring hundreds or thousands of hours over days, weeks, or months to script before launching and then re-script for new circumstances, the Toucan AI Sales Bot is ready to go on your Shopify store with a one-click install and less than five minutes of setup to begin helping consumers ask, find, decide, and buy.


  • Arjun