An instant AI Salesperson for your e-commerce store.

Guide shoppers with intelligent, personalized conversations.


Why Toucan AI?

Satisfy More Shoppers

Industries like travel, hospitality, or consumer electronics are filled with tough decisions for consumers. Toucan AI makes it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they want, reducing bounce rates and driving conversions.

Save Time & Money

Offering live sales support with a human agent is expensive and time-consuming. Toucan AI's virtual agents read your catalog in seconds and keep themselves up-to-date automatically for a consistent, hands-off experience.

Share Every Detail

Toucan AI uses state-of-the-art Deep Learning models to read and understand all the available information about the products or services you offer, so it can help shoppers make the perfect choice without any frustrating pre-written scripts.
How it Works

From Zero to Deployment in under 15 minutes

1 Point Toucan AI at your Product Listing

It doesn't matter what you sell or list: tools, TVs, apartments, handymen, or anything in-between. Just give Toucan AI a link to a webpage or API containing the product information, and our models will set to work automatically learning your unstructured and structured information.

2 Enable Integrations

Toucan AI fits seamlessly into your existing customer touchpoints, and can be plugged wherever conversations might occur. A single line of code enables the Toucan AI chat widget on your website, and a couple clicks hook it up to Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, ensuring a consistent shopper experience across all platforms.

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Toucan AI
Need any help choosing the perfect place to live?
I want a 2 bedroom place that's dog friendly 
How about these:
Does the marlowe have a gym?
At The Marlowe Lake Boone, you can "re-charge in the fully equipped fitness center or with a daily yoga workout!"
Actually, I love that second choice!
Would you like to make an inquiry about North City 6, to get more details?
Sure, sounds good!
Reply to Toucan AI
3 Watch Toucan AI Make Sales

Across every channel you've configured, Toucan AI sets to work funneling your shoppers to the perfect choices for them. Log in to our analytics console and view detailed semantic analysis of conversations, so that you can tell exactly what your customers are really looking for and how they feel about your brand.

Our Team

Arjun DevarajanCEO

Vishnu MenonCTO

Marifel BarbasaML Engineer

Roger BrookMarketing Consultant

Ace BhattacharjyaAdvisorFounder @ MedicalRecords

Jacqui ChewAdvisorStartup Catalyst @ ATDC

Fred McIntyreAdvisorex-CMO @ BandLab

Lalit SinghAdvisorCOO @ Udacity

Toucan AI is currently in private beta. As we prepare for a full launch, we'd love to work with you to make sure our platform has everything you need from day one.

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